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Buy Magic Mushrooms Online with Free Express Delivery by Canada Post. Quick & simple payment with Interac e-Transfer. is your #1 single source for in-house and lab-grown magic mushrooms. Our dedicated shroom experts work tirelessly to produce only the top-quality fungi species for your psychedelic pleasure. Together, they’ve got over a decade of experience in the industry and have perfected the process of producing only the best. Don’t get your shrooms or kits from unknown sources, or cultivators who are just starting out... With, you’ve got a team of experts who’ve got your back.

From classic Psilocybe Cubensis strains like Golden Teachers, to rare and unique finds like the Pink Thai Buffalo... we endlessly search the globe for the latest in psilocybin spores. With our advanced technologies and clean, safe growing environments, each batch is cultivated with care. Our collection features strains from South America, America, Southeast Asia and beyond. Producing a wide range of potencies for beginners and advanced users alike.

Whether you’re using magic mushrooms for purely recreational hallucinogenic effects or for medical therapeutic benefits... it’s vital you can trust your vendor. In the fresh and emerging shrooms industry, we don’t need ‘luck’ here at, to be the best. We strive and thrive by taking the additional measures it takes, to be Canada’s top single source outlet for the highest quality shrooms available.

Fresh & Dried Options

To stand apart from the rest, offers not only dried magic mushrooms but a fresh selection too. Meaning, your shrooms can be plucked upon processing your order and shipped out within 24 hours. This service is exclusive to our site and is offered by no other shroom retailer.

Our dried magic mushrooms are handled with the same level of care as we take with our fresh selection. Each stage of cultivation and processing is done with the highest quality equipment in the most advanced facilities. The methods use for dried shrooms ensure their longevity and uphold the natural potency power.

Speaking of potency, our experts are equipped with the knowledge to harvest at proper times to ensure the highest levels of psilocybin and psilocin. The hallucinogenic compounds that give magic mushrooms their powerful healing and psychedelic effects. Because the world of fungi is new to most, you won’t want to waste your money on shrooms that turn out to be duds. At you can trust those who are handling cultivation from start to finish, fresh or dried.

Unique Services & Selection

Have we mentioned we’re your one-stop-shop for everything magic mushroom related? If you’re exploring the world of using, or growing shrooms... turn to the experts at We’re thrilled with the progression of psilocybin and psilocin being taken seriously as a healing compound and used safely for psychedelic and spiritual awakenings. So we’re even more excited to spread our love with the mushroom masses.

Our unique services show this love with our expansive collection of mushroom products. Beyond fresh and dried mushrooms sold in a wide range of quantities, we’ve got everything you need for growing your own. Including spore syringes and full mushroom kits. That comes along with the support of a company backed with shrooms experts, and years of experience in the industry.

But we’re not just ‘shrooms’ here at either. We’re offering other psilocybin and psilocin based goods, like edibles and microdoses. As the therapeutic benefits of the compounds continue to be uncovered, its positive use for treating depression and anxiety only grows, too. Microdosing has gone mainstream, and we’re here with the products you need to join the trend safely and responsibly. If you’re looking to become the next shroom connoisseur, look no further for your outlet to do, so.

Secure, Private & Safe

We take your privacy seriously here, at We know that experimenting with magic mushrooms may bring a certain stigma to those around you and ensure a secure, private and safe experience while shopping with our outlet. Our private-based services keep all of your information safe, with secured and discrete payment processing.

In fact, we instill bank-grade type security to provide the ultimate protection. Not only that but we make sure to package your product just as safely. All magic mushroom orders are handled with care and shipped in unmarked boxes directly to your preferred address. We take the measures necessary to only sell to consumers 19+ by verifying age during the process.

Don’t think just because a magic mushroom website looks actually is. With something as sensitive as your personal information and needs, you want to ensure you’re purchasing shrooms as safely and securely as possible. Especially, so you know your order will actually arrive, and you didn’t get scammed. That’s why we also go the extra mile in guaranteeing delivery for every order. If it doesn’t arrive, we’ll ship it again at no cost to you. Shipping is fast and should arrive in 1-2 days.

Best Prices & Quality

Upon first glance of our magic mushroom collection, you’ll see the level of quality. Our experts cultivate each strain with consistent results in size, texture, coloring and density. Every species is grown in a meticulous manner to output the highest levels of psilocybin and psilocin it possibly can. From taste, to smell and even feel, our shrooms are top-notch in every sense.

Usually highest-quality goods come with premium pricing. But with our bulk production, we’re able to offer competitive pricing and the most fairly priced magic mushrooms on the market today. For the premium shroom product you’ll receive, that’s been cultivated by actual experts... there is no better price or product offered by any other online retailer. is the most trusted source for quality products and our prices reflect on the promises we deliver. We want everyone at any budget to have the chance to experience the positive benefits that psilocybin and psilocin from mushrooms can deliver. To add to the ease and affordability of our service, we offer free shipping on orders over $99 and as always - shipping is guaranteed.

The Largest Collection of Strains

Our collection is so rare you’ll come across strains that you’ve never had access to previously. If you’re truly becoming a connoisseur of magic mushrooms, then our wide range of species is ideal for you. Just like cannabis, each mushroom has its own make-up for individual effects and benefits. So, having an expansive collection of choices is ideal for those experimenting or fine-tuning needs through psilocybin and psilocin treatments.

You’ll find classic species that have been cultivated to their highest quality, like Aztec God, Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies and more. Along with hard-to-find spores like Panamian, Dancing Tigers and Star Gazers. We feature strains not only from the common psilocybe cubensis family of psilocybin magic mushrooms, but other unique genetics containing the compounds, too.

Our in-house lab is equipped with the optimal environments for these species to thrive individually like they would in their normal habitats. The collection of strains have origins that range from South America, Asia, North America and across the globe. Our experts monitor and supplement their growth with methods unique to each strain. Their decades of experience lend to the careful cultivation of each for their ultimate levels of potency.