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Golden Teacher

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Golden Teacher Strain

The Golden Teacher variety is one of the most popular hallucinogenic or ‘magic' mushroom. The strain comes from the common Psilocybe cubensis family but is fairly new to the world of shrooms. Emerging in the 1980s, its origins are somewhat elusive. Golden Teachers are easily recognized due to their golden-coloured caps that are often speckled with yellow, and large stems. Of all the magic mushroom varieties, it has one of the most appealing appearances.

This shroom type is often liked by beginner users for its reliable and consistently potent experiences. It's also known as a ‘gateway' shroom as its enjoyable trip is pleasant enough for consumers to repeat the pleasure.

What You Should Know About This Magic Mushroom

Golden Teachers are highly popular in the ‘shaman' or spiritual world. So, expect your experience to be mindfulness in nature, as you connect to your inner-consciousness. You'll be treated to the freeing of the mind while feeling in-tune or at peace with the world around you. This sense of enlightenment is often used by spiritual leaders to restore the spirit and mind.

The strain delivers on hallucinogenic effects as well, with stunning visuals whether your eyes are opened or closed. Be aware that the trip often comes in waves with bursts of energy. Golden Teachers are quite visionary in effects, and allow users to see the universe in a new light, and way. This characteristic is one reason why psilocybin and psilocin are being found as a helpful aid for conditions like treatment-resistant depressions and anxiety disorders. The compounds interact with serotonin receptors in the brain, enacting powerful long-lasting effects.

More About Its Characteristics and Potency

Psilocybin and psilocin, the main hallucinogenic compounds found in Golden Teachers produce effects that typically last between 4-10 hours. Because you digest the shrooms, it normally takes your body 6 hours to completely metabolize the compounds. Effects are normally felt within the first 20-60 minutes of ingesting magic mushrooms but do wait a full hour before increasing your dose.

Golden Teachers produce mild-moderately potent effects and are ideal for microdosing, or intense experiences alike. Like any shroom, your individual trip with Golden Teachers will vary depending on tolerance, weight, stomach contents, and dosage. Environmental or emotional factors can also affect your experience. That's why it's recommended to experiment with magic mushrooms in a familiar or known space especially for beginners. Due to the Golden Teachers spiritual effects, it's a strain that's recommended for exploring outdoor areas and nature, too.

Tips for Consuming Magic Mushrooms

When ingesting magic mushrooms, it's ideal to avoid alcohol use or other illicit drugs and substances. Definitely stay well hydrated, especially if you're walking or being overly-active. If you experience nausea at any point, ginger-honey tea can help ease tummy troubles.

Sober trip partners are good to have for additional guidance through any intense emotions or awakenings. If it's your first shroom experience it's recommended to choose a trusted friend to be with.

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