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Penis Envy Strain

Despite their unique or somewhat off-putting name Penis Envy magic mushrooms is one of the most popular due to their potent effects. The robustly shaped shrooms come with equally robust experience. Penis Envy shrooms deliver a highly hyperspatial trip allowing many consumers to reach what seems like other dimensions.

The main compounds found in Penis Envy magic mushrooms, psilocin and psilocybin are currently in clinical trials as a medical treatment for depression and anxiety-based conditions. Terrance McKenna, an esteemed ‘psychonaut’ is said to be the original grower of the hybrid-like shroom species. It’s fairly hard to grow so while popular amongst users, quality and trusted batches are somewhat rare.

What You Should Know About This Magic Mushroom

The hefty stature of the Penis Envy shrooms lend to its name and hint to its potency. As the species often lead to a disconnection from the physical and mental self. In addition to altering the sense of time, and distorting your surroundings. Visual effects from Penis Envy shrooms are intense and awe-inspiring, to say the least. The vivid visual enhancements are accompanied by deep spiritual connections as you explore your inner-consciousness.

Of course, the intensity of your experience will vary from individual to individual. Depending on your dosage, tolerance, weight, size and metabolism. It takes the body approximately 6-10 hours to completely metabolize psilocybin and psilocin so expects to feel effects for that long. Because of the Penis Envy’s higher potency, it’s recommended to begin with lower doses even for experienced users.

More About Its Characteristics and Potency

Penis Envy mushrooms provide an all-around euphoric experience. Their effects are well-rounded delivering feelings of joy, hallucinations and a cosmic connection like no other. The deep visual enhancements often lead to Synesthesia or the hearing of colours and seeing sounds. It’s a species that’s ideal for festivals, clubs or raves and is more social than most.

The mind-altering and conscious opening effects are recommended for the treatment of conditions like depression and anxiety. You may experience what’s known as an ‘ego-death’ that can be quite intense for beginner users. It’s often advised to have a ‘sober trip partner’ on hand for novice consumers that may need additional guidance for deep thoughts or emotions.

Psilocybin allows your mind to think more freely, and microdosing Penis Envy shrooms may help provide clarity and focus. At higher concentrations, your imagination expands and can help provide long-lasting effects for overcoming anxious or depressive thoughts and feelings.

Tips for Consuming Magic Mushrooms

No matter your activity, it’s important to stay hydrated when consuming magic mushrooms. It’s also best to avoid other drugs, prescriptions or alcohol when using, too. For some users, you may experience nausea from ingesting shrooms. In that case, honey ginger tea or a warm soothing liquid may help ease tummy troubles.

Always remember to begin with lower dosages to gauge how the new species interacts with you individually. Effects will typically be felt in the first 20-60 minutes. But don’t increase your dose or take any more until after a full hour has passed.

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