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This Website is for the use of individuals 19 years and over, only. By continuing to use this Website, you verify that you are 19 years or older.

The terms and conditions as written govern your use of the website owned by has the right to make revisions to these Terms and Conditions, without notice and by replacing the Terms and Conditions on the web site. It's advised that you review the website periodically for revisions. The Terms and Conditions were last revised on April 27th, 2020. By using the website you comply and are obligated to the terms and conditions that may be changed from time to time.

Ownership, Copyright & Use of Intellectual Property

Any matter found on including graphics, videos, content, text, photos, and sound (without conditions) is owned by and under the protection of copyrights and proprietary rights. All rights are reserved. Modifying, copying, publishing, transmitting, transferring or selling any of the website matter (parts of, or in entirety) found on the site without the approval and written consent from is prohibited.

Trade Marks

The term along with logos, graphics, designs, branded phrases and any content that is found on the website are classified as official trade-marks by the owners, unregistered or registered. No material indirectly or direct can be misconstrued as having permission to use trademarks, or other property found on the site. Brand names of other vendors, products or companies found on the website are trademarks or trade names of that respective brand or company. The use of any brand name, trademarks or trade names appearing without requesting and receiving permission of the respective party is prohibited.


While adhering to the Terms and Conditions as written, you agree to use according to the local, provincial, national or international law. Specific areas or jurisdictions may have restrictions of use on the Internet for their residents. users in places of the world with superseding common, statutory, regulatory or codified laws are not permitted to use the website and ultimately void the Terms and Conditions.

Restrictions of use is designated for non-commercial and personal purposes only. It's prohibited to use software or systems to extract any data for the use of commercial purposes. including database and screen scraping, or any other method that collects, saves, stores or changes any part of the web site's data or material. Whether manual or automated. You are permitted to save part of the web site to your device or computer, or print areas for your own personal use.

Additional actions that are not permitted in relation to use include:

  • Absolutely no interference or attempts to change the web site's activities, structure, or working manner.
  • Absolutely no action that imposes an overabundant or extreme amount of data onto the web site's framework.
  • Absolutely no intervention with or bypass of's restrictions and/or prevention of access.

Registration and User Accounts

When completing registration on the website to confirm purchases of online products, you accept and agree to provide the most complete information about yourself, to the truest degree. You also agree to manage and revise any profile information with applicable changes, to remain the most current and accurate.

While navigating areas of that requires username and password login and access, you are the sole owner and liable for any use or misuse of that username and password. That includes any and all activities that ensure while logged into the specific account. To maintain high levels of security, keep your username and password hidden and confidential. To remain secure, keep your username and password confidential. Avoid sharing the username and password with any other person, for them to have access or use that login information. This excludes any authorized employee of that may need your information, when necessary or applicable. owns and manages usernames and passwords and may suspend or revoke privileges at any time. The revocation may occur without notice or liability and responsibility to the user or any other person. is not responsible for confirming the authority or identities of the user for any username or password. If your username or password is used without your authorization, you must immediately notify Including situations where your username or password is compromised, like being stolen, made aware to any other person, unknowingly, or lost.

Information Accuracy strives on maintaining accurate information on the web site as much as possible. But, no guarantee of completeness or accuracy of content can be indicated. The website has the right to make revisions, update information without notice, and make corrections periodically when necessary or applicable.

Website Linking

Outbound links are defined as hyperlinks, buttons, or references found on that are included for users' convenience. By visiting the links provided, you are doing so at your own risk. Links referenced are not a recommendation, official endorsement, or designating certification by Any outbound links do not suggest or imply a relationship between and the outbound site.

Inbound linking from other sites to is permitted with specific conditions as follows. By linking to, you comply with the agreement of the conditions as listed.

  • You may not use the's logo, names, graphics, slogans or trademarks within the inbound link, unless you have specific permission or a written agreement. To link to's web site you can utilize the text ‘'.
  • Inbound linking to the web site is permissible to the web site's home page only. You may not link to any secondary pages found on the website. Unless prior and written permission from is received prior to linking.
  • Any changes made to the's website are barred, including changes to the appearance, such as adding frames, etc. While using an inbound link, you are prohibited from making any representation or suggestion that the link is a relationship or affiliation with Or implying that sponsors or recommends the content, products, or services found on the third party site where the inbound link is present.
  • Using any's logos, graphics, pictures content, graphics, or slogans for any commercial purpose prohibited. Written consent and permission must be received for any use of these items prior to publishing in promotions, advertisements or publicity.
  • Using's name, logo graphics, pictures, or trademarks in any metatag or code for a third party website, specifically for search engine optimization is not permitted. Written consent or permission must be granted by for this use.
  • The website cannot be held responsible for any damage, liability, expense, or loss that occurs from your use of our domain, or link. Including computer viruses, failures of hardware or software, technical issues like connection losses and similiar damages.
  • has exclusive discretion and rights reserved for the termination of any privilege to linking of the website at any time, for any reason.
  • Linking to may not be used in accordance with offensive, unlawful or defamatory fashion that would negatively affect, or targets any person under the age of 19.

Social Media utilizes social media platforms for communication with customers and the promotion of helpful educational resources. To protect persons under the age of 19, our social media accounts are strictly intended for users over 19 years old. Any social media user who interacts with on these platforms is expected to be 19 years or older, and be appropriate and cordial of topics.


By using and agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions you also conversely agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, suits, demands, actions, losses or expenses (all legal fees) that may arise from:

  • The infringement of trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property content now, or in the future as a result of your mis-use.
  • Any act or omission by yourself, employees, or agents resulting in loss, damage, interference or disruption to the web site.
  • Using the web site for illegal use or purposes.
  • Using the website to gain restricted access to computer systems or data, unauthorized.
  • Your use of the's web site and any breach of the Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions of, you understand and agree that:

  • You are at your own sole risk for using the website. does not guarantee that the site will be error-free or uninterrupted. The web site is ‘as-is' or ‘as-available'. cannot guarantee accuracy at all times, or any information and service listed on the website.
  • is not responsible for insufficient transactions due to any inability. Or an inability of obtaining goods related to any transaction, for any reason.
  • Downloading materials and content from is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee materials are void of viruses or destructive codes.
  • You're responsible for safeguarding your own account, and devices. is not responsible for the cost of any damage, service, repairs or replacements as a result of using the web site.

Limitations is not responsible for any consequential, incidental, special, direct, indirect, compensatory or punitive damages or losses. Including damages for loss of income, business profits, business interruption, loss of data, damage or loss to a property, claims of third parties, or any other monetary loss that derives from these conditions or using Including any other site that is linked or accessible from this website. is not liable for the acquisition or use of goods that are purchased and obtained through the website. In no event will be responsible to items related to this agreement, or use and acquisition of goods that exceed the replacement cost of goods. In jurisdictions or areas that do not allow exclusions or limitations of damages, these restrictions may not apply.

All disclaimers or limitations of responsibility are applicable regardless of circumstances, causes, or action lending to the damage, loss claim or liability. Even when the loss, cause, circumstance, or action is based upon a breach of contract. Without limitation, this includes, a claim of a fundamental breach, a tort, and strict liability to legal and equitable theory. Even when notified of possible loss, damage, claim or liability, such as a delay.

Privacy Policy assures the privacy and confidentiality of our customers' personal information to the maximum extent. Our Privacy Policy (link) provides measures it takes in prioritizing the safety of confidentiality and privacy of users' information you provide to the web site.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with, the laws of the Province of British Columbia.